Bad Games for Warriors

With just 12 games left in the season, the Warriors lost 2 straight games, which they should’ve won against the Pacers and Wolves.

With those 2 games lost, the Warriors now rank at the #10 spot in the west standings with 36 (w) – 34 (L).

Here are the Western Conference Standings for today.

Western Conference Standings as of today

Over IQ

Sometimes the Warriors pass too much leading to a costly turnover in the late games.

IQ is needed for basketball players to trick their opponents and make them distracted. But, with everybody trying to create crazy plays, this is becoming a problem for the Warriors who lost most of the games in the late 4th Quarter.

If they had won 50% of those lost 4th Quarters, the Warriors would’ve been in the playoff spot. At least, in the #6 spot in the west.

Yet to figure out

The thing that worries DubNation and the Warrior fans is

They are yet to figure out

With the season on the line, the Warriors and Steve Kerr (head coach of the Warriors) are yet to figure out rotations and players to play in for the games.

It has been a trend since Steve Kerr took the head coach job. You never know who will play and will be benched.

Take a look at Kevon Looney, Dario Saric, and Lester Quinones. They all played well for a few games and looked promising. Especially, Lester and Saric but then they are not playing games.

It’s been a roller coaster ride for the Warriors and Steve Kerr. Yeah, the Warriors stuff is still confusing even for analysts like Stephen A. Smith

The Interesting Part (Rockets rising)

The Houston Rockets looking to cruise to the Play-In tournament. They are now 11-1 in the last 12 games played.

The Houston Rockets are now at the #11 spot in the west standings with 36 (w) -35 (L).

The Rockets and the Warriors are separated by a game difference, which puts pressure on the Warriors to win all their 12 games.

The danger is there. All the Warriors should do is Win all the games left or pray for the Rockets to lose games.

Leave your thoughts or comments on what the Warriors should do to prevent Play-In contention.

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