Jimmy butler wants to win championships

Jimmy Butler who won the Easter Conference Finals MVP trophy says “All I want is championships“.

In an interview with Malika Andrews on ESPN. Butler said

you can take a defensive team, all stars and don’t want to be a part of anything. I really only want to win a championship

It feels like he doesn’t care if you nominate him or not for anything but all he wants is just to win championships.

Here are a few interesting dialogues between Malika Andrews and Jimmy Butler.

Malika Andrews: Where is the Eastern Conference Finals MVP trophy now

Jimmy Butler: With my dad. I gave it to him. I don’t need it

Malika: What’s the one thing you never wanna wear?

Jimmy: It was a Miami Heat jersey when I’m coming to the lead I mean
the heat used to beat the Bulls all the time they did when they had the big three the heatles whatever you want to call them so me getting driving to the Bulls it was like we can’t like
the Miami Heat you can’t like dewade even though y’all went to the same
school like you know and then you fast forward and I’m playing with d-wave for the Bulls
I’m like this guy’s not a bad guy that was Tibbs it just kept hitting me upside my head and
full circle now it’ll be the last shows that I wear

Here is the full Youtube video of the interview

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