Draymond Green arguing with Refs

A few minutes into the game, Draymond Green got ejected from the Game. Yes, two technical calls right away.

We all know how crucial the last 9 games are for the Warriors and the Houston Rockets.

Draymond Green is the gorilla behind the warrior defense and also on the young players. We all know that. But, without him, Steph looked worried.

Here’s Stephen Curry’s reaction to Draymond Green’s Exit from the game

I’m not dissecting anything from Stephen Curry’s reaction and Steph getting emotional after Draymond Green’s exit.

Games like these will cost them the season.

There has been speculation right from the start of the season, about the 3 guys (Klay, Steph, and Draymond). There are so many questions/rumors around the league about the warriors.

  • Is the Dynasty Over?
  • Is it the end of Klay’s career?
  • Are we seeing the End of the best 3 guys in the league?

Draymond Green situation

The DubNation knew Draymond from the day he was selected in the draft. He is a more vocal guy than a player.

Draymond Green has been the orchestrator for the Warriors. His IQ matches Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

But, everyone who is watching the Warriors game will think that he has to calm down a little bit so we can get to where we want in the Playoff/Play-in seeding

In this podcast, The Draymond Green Show, he said

It just can’t happen. I said what I said, I deserved to be kicked out at that point. Kind of wish I would have turned my body and angled it and gone to the bench, but yeah it just can’t happen.

Exactly what we thought, He said what he is supposed to say.

Sometimes, it’s better to be silent than to be sorry. And sometimes, it’s better to be vocal than local.

You have to decide based on the circumstances of the game and what is in the favor of the team.

As a team, the Warriors always want to be in Draymond Green’s groove and listen to whatever he says. Whether its the plays, matchups or anything.

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