Warriors come out to play says Tari EasonWarriors come out to play says Tari Eason

Earlier in a video of his own, Tari Eason, said warriors come out to play in the play-in tournament. At that time, the Warriors are not able to close out the games due to several reasons.

Now the Rockets lost a couple of games back-to-back after this Instagram Video. The Rockets are in a tight spot and have to pray for the Warriors to lose games.

And every Warrior fan is most excited about the final Rockets vs Warriors matchup as this is a decider for the Rockets and also for the Warriors. If the Rockets lose to the Warriors, their season is over, and are eliminated from play-in contention.

We have seen what happened to those who poked the bear (Stephen Curry). But the entire Warriors roster wants to end the Rockets.

Look at the Tari Eason T-shirt in the game. That’s sick.

Tari Eason wearing Warriors come out to play
Tari Eason wearing Warriors come out to play

After halftime, the Warriors are up 15 even with 15 Turnovers. That’s wild.

And finally, Warriors won the game over the Rockets.


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