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The Golden state warriors released the exit interview of their General Manager, Bob Myers.

To those who don’t know, Myers was a 2-time executive of the year and helped Golden State Warriors bring four NBA championships.

Here is the timeline of Bob Myers in Golden State Warriors.

The Timeline of Bob Myers with Golden State Warriors

  • 2012: Drafted Draymond Green
  • 2014: Hired Steve Kerr as Head coach
  • 2014-15: 🏆
  • 2015-16: 73-9 record, Made to Finals
  • 2016: Signed KD
  • 2016-17: Second 🏆
  • 2017-18: Third 🏆
  • 2018-19: Made to Finals
  • 2021-22: Fourth 🏆

Why Bob Myers left Golden State Warriors?

Here is the answer from Bob Myers on why now?

I would say this for any professional general manager or
coach requires complete engagement complete effort thousand
percent if you can’t do it then you shouldn’t do it and so that’s
that’s the answer to the question of why

Who is the next GM of the Golden State Warriors?

A reporter asked if Joe and Peter are ready to find a replacement for Bob. Here is what Bob Myers said

we’re always looking for people that’ll make us better um Joe’s always about bringing in talent
I didn’t have an idea at the time that I was grooming him I mean
he’s more my friend than co-worker but he’s really good and he
would be fantastic if that’s that’s the choice but I didn’t know I’d be lying if I thought four years ago let’s bring in Mike and he can he can assume this thing if I told him if that’s what he wants then I’m all
fully supportive um so it’ll help with Draymond if he needs it

Who is Mike? Mike Dunleavy is the vice president of basketball operations for the Golden State Warriors.

Joe Lacob and Peter should be looking thinking about Mike as well. As people from the same organization fit better.

Here is the full video of Bob Myers press conference

Warriors offseason outlook

So, as there is no GM now here is the Warrior’s postseason outlook

For any NBA fan, this outlook looks scary as the roster could cost over $500M in salary and taxes.

Any owner of the franchise could let Draymond Green go except Joe Lacob. Joe Lacob is not just an owner of the Golden State Warriors franchise but he loves basketball.

We saw this in the previous years too. The Warriors are the most expensive and most valuable teams in the NBA. The Warriors franchise is evaluated to be $7 billion.

And there are new CBA rules incoming, a reporter asked Joe Lacob about the rules and how they are going. Here is what Joe Lacob said

“We’re going to win no matter what. I don’t care what the rules are.”

– Joe Lacob

Wow. Look how confident Joe Lacob is. It feels like Joe Lacob is more optimistic than the players on the Warriors roster 😀

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